Tuesday, April 01, 2014

seven to eight

seven was...

  • long hair that always knots, lately pulled up "in a high pony" you tell me.
  • big girl teeth and that awesome smile (you still get that crinkle in your nose)
  • played your first team sport, soccer, decided it wasn't really for you.
  • love to dance and sing and dance and jump . did i mention dance?   :)
  • learned to ride your bike and swim in a pool! (2 HUGE milestones)
  • took your very first airplane ride (wasn't your favorite... guess you take after me there.) 
  • grew out your bangs
  • fantastic reader, preferring science books to chapter books
  • you have beautiful handwriting
  • crazy good speller
  • hula hooper
  • irish stepper
  • wonderful sister 
  • stuffed animal LOVER/hoarder ;)
  • nature lover, beach comber, wave jumper, snow tuber
  • you adored the movie Frozen this year singing all the songs over and over to us
  • brand new pierced ears!!!! (milestone)
  • funny sweet silly smart sassy fun energetic artistic beautiful you
today you are eight.
and i know for certain, eight will be GREAT!
happy birthday to our wildflower.

 wish BIG my sweet girl


Thursday, February 27, 2014


my it's been so long since i've written.
so long since i've picked up my nikon, relying solely on capturing our days with my iphone lately.
i know it's the end of winter's season, this is the time the waiting seems so very long and drawn out.  seeing images all over IG and Flickr of spring budding and blooming elsewhere.  of bare earth.  of some planting gardens. it's all so beautiful, and truth be told, painfully so. i look out my window to frozen dirty piles of icy snow. no grass.  no earth. just rock hard frozeness. it's a time i find myself turning inward even more.  waiting for the thaw.  waiting for warmth. it will come.  i hold onto that every year, so i wait.

there has been much goodness this winter.  very little illness at all under our roof.  which is such a welcome and drastic difference to last winter's siege. for this is am ever grateful. SO SO grateful. don't pinch me just yet, we are not fully out of winter, but my goodness it's almost march! that is a triumph.

i had a mini health scare. something showed up on my annual mammogram a few weeks ago and i was called back in for more tests.  problem was the first available appointment was 10 days away.  10 days to wait and worry and wonder what my body was doing. 10 days to think out scenarios that do no one any good.  fear is a tricky beast.  it was the week of our winter break as well.  i tried my best to push negative thoughts out of my mind and enjoy each day as it came. we went tubing.  my first time ever! it was so much fun. we read a lot, watched some movies, some olympics, went to our local planetarium (another first) and generally just enjoyed being warm and cozy together at home. my appt finally arrived on monday. and i am so relieved to say it was a false alarm. after many more images and examinations of my breast, i got the all clear. (EXHALE!)

my birthday came the very following day. my 42nd year around the sun. after having just come through those 10 days of uncertainty, and now the relief that came with good news,  i am feeling more than grateful. it was the best birthday gift i could ever receive.  tuesday was a school/work day, so i had the daytime hours to fill.  i treated myself to a chai and donut. i went to goodwill and scored some great thrifts. i went to trader joes and bought a beautiful bunch of spring for home. the sun was shining. my kids made me simple creative gifts (my favorite kind). my guy took us all out for dinner, we had wine and i had a reuben sandwich my body had been craving. i got a learn how to play the ukelele book and a gift card to pick out my very own uke. ( eeep! )  it was so very relaxed and nice. i feel very full and loved. life is very good.

here's my store bought spring...

 i am not usually a pink kind of girl but these were so full and lovely.
and maybe pink was on my mind, pink being the color for breast cancer.
remember ladies, check your breasts. have your annual mammograms. take time for your health.

march is soon to arrive. always in like a lion. always....
here's hoping the lamb follows soon.


Sunday, February 02, 2014

hello ~ goodbye

january was a bit of a rough month. first off it was freaking cold! i know pretty much everywhere seems to be suffering this extreme cold this year, so i won't whine too much, but it can stop now. i'm all set on below freezing temps. we have not been outside the house much at all this month. we have been filling our time with books, and crafts, and layers which are all very nice things.  but still some blue sky and "temperate" winter weather would be welcomed.  then i got sick. i began working very part time at a pre-school. little kids in winter = runny noses coughs boogies GERMS!  i think there's a very good chance that's where i got a good dose of a respiratory virus that did not want to let go of my lungs.  i never use my inhaler except in winter,  then it's my sidekick. i am finally emerging from my cough. then last week i got in a minor car accident.  i am 41 years old (for 23 more days) and this is my first car accident EVER... well unless you count that time when i was 22 driving home around 1 am from my closing shift TGIFridays, when a guy on a motorcycle decided to run his harley under my little geo prism. i'm never sure if i count that as an accident or more of a "news of the weird" kind of event.  he hit my geo, lodged his harley under my geo, and then took off on foot up the hill to elude the cops.  drunk much?  yep. this recent accident, no one was hurt, i was in the car alone (so no frightened kids thank goodness!) but it was no fun. and my car was none too happy. i love my little subaru.

so january was a bit sucky.  i am not sad to see it end.  i welcome february.  a month full of birthdays under our roof.  my love is first and then i follow 17 days later. both of us welcome our 42nd trip around the sun.  though jason keeps saying it's his 29th birthday, i'm a good sport and willingly play along.  if he's turning 29 (cough cough) and i 42, i guess that secures me cougar status.  ;-)

so hello february.
i welcome your longer daylight, inching our way towards that elusive spring.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

stuck in the vortex

a few years ago they started calling snow storms silly names like "snowmageddon".  i mean really? and now we are stuck in the "POLAR VORTEX".  it all sounds so very serious and final doesn't it?
all i know is its been cold.  the coldest i can ever remember. and not just one day of it, but days and days, then a weird balmy 45 with rain, and then back into the vortex we go!  ;) 
snow wind ice wind repeat.

so what does cold look like?
this just about sums it up...
 stay warm out there!!!!!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

new year, new voice

hello 2014,
i welcome you.

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning."  ~T.S. Elliot

here's to new beginnings.
happy new year friends.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


shake shake shake...
the city is magical in snow....

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry and bright

355 by kristin~mainemomma
355, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
merry christmas from our little family to yours.