Saturday, June 13, 2015

what i want to remember about 10

10 was...
drawing drawing drawing.
the year you joined band and chose the trumpet for your instrument.
soccer, this year you busted out and scored many goals for your team.
it was the year of our epic winter.
your 5th grade year where you are so well liked and admired by your teachers especially mrs clark and ms day.
the year you took home winner twice in spirit week, once for wacky wednesday and again for throwback thursday when you dressed as a greaser and mr shabo said you could join his band. :)
the very first time you ever kayaked (thank you meredith).
we brought home puppy harper to join the family.
you still own the beach, master wave rider and boogie boarder.
puberty is just beginning (you proudly announced after a shower that you were growing armpit hair... one or two)
you still have that great head of golden curls
and the very best heart of any boy i know.
i am privileged to watch you grow. and and speaking of growing, you are getting TALL, who knows next year you may be as tall as your momma. 

stay sweet dear boy. it is a GIFT. a huge gift that you share with the world.
for your birthday dinner you asked for shrimp and cheeseburgers. daddy said thats the young man's surf and turf. i love that! and YOU.

ten was grand.
cheers to your 11th year!
i love you,

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

eight was great

eight was great!

what i want to remember about you at 8:
  • 8 was the year you conquered a few fears. 
  • you learned how to ride your bike solo and we went on our first ever family bike ride.
  • by the end of last summer you were tackling the bigger ocean waves right along side your brother on your boogie board.
  • you cut 8 inches off your hair and donated it to pantene's beautiful lengths to help make a wig for patients fighting cancer
  • you were ladybug girl for halloween
  • we moved into a house of our own and welcomed a puppy into our family.
  • you discovered taylor swift
  • you mastered your cartwheel
  • you dyed your hair purple... then blue... then more purple.
  • you danced in the nutcracker
  • a photo of you sledding was in our local newspaper
  • you ran for class president
  • became a great partner in the kitchen wanting to help cook and bake more
  • learned how to hand sew, needlepoint and latch hook
  • you love to draw, dance, sing, play and laugh your big laugh (i hope you ALWAYS do)
  • you still ADORE all things tiny
  • we may need an extension on our house for all your beanie boos
  • you are an amazing speller/story writer and all around student
today is your last day of 8.
i asked a few questions this morning while bouncing on your bed exclaiming today is your last day of eight!!! eight is great!!!!! (she asked me to stop bouncing) :)
what's your favorite color? BLUE AND YELLOW
what's your favorite song? SUGAR (by Maroon 5)
your lucky number is 3 
what's your favorite food? SPAGHETTI
what's your favorite subject at school? SCIENCE
tomorrow you wake to a new year around the sun.
happy birthday eve sweet girl.
i love you.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

january joy

this past week has gifted us more than our share of snow.
23 inches in tuesday's blizzard.
and 6 more inches yesterday.
they tell us there's more on the way monday.
thankful for bluebird days after storms.
and little ones who remind me that snow is not just shoveling and cold wet feet & hands...
no, snow is pure, fresh, amazing, fun.
especially 8 foot snow pile hills in your own driveway.  
perfect for belly sliding.  
january joy.
i needed reminding.

Friday, January 16, 2015

winter beach

this winter has been far more ice than snow.
i prefer snow ANY day to ice.
but this past week we finally got a good fluffy snowfall, so i took myself to the beach.
january in maine.

Monday, December 08, 2014


yesterday was tree day. 
one of my very favorite days of the year. 
and this the first of many christmases in our new home.
we were gifted sunshine and blue skies!
grab a saw. 
walk til we find "the one".
cut it down.
see santa. (casey asked for 2 stuffed puppies, and kellen a new land of stories book) 
pick out a special ornament for the year. (kellen picked a wooden winter scene and casey a hedgehog)
drink warm cider and eat a hot cider donut & free candy cane.
drive it home.
deck the halls. (in your fuzzy pjs)
place the star. (this year was Casey's turn)
then grab your pillows, blankets and art stuff and just hang out right there under your tree.

a truly wonderful day.
all is merry and bright.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


it's early.
i can appreciate this beauty with un-winter weary eyes.

our little home is surrounded on 2 sides by woods.
winter woods.

hello winter.
welcome back. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween

we've had a fun week carving our jack-o-lanterns, gathering the last bits of costumes, and then getting dressed up twice. once for school (dug out stuff from our dress up box) and then tonight for treating around the neighborhood.
first the pumpkins. kellen always sketches out a whole page before choosing his perfect design.
casey knew what she wanted right away and went for it. i love their pumpkins every year, but i do think these are my new favorites.

kitty and blockhead

they both decided to be book characters this year.
Casey chose Ladybug Girl
and Kellen was Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit

we met up with Minecraft Steve and a friendly ghost for a walk around the hood for treats.
it did not rain, or snow, so it was a win! a bit chilly but nothing a hot shower and cup of cocoa couldn't cure. 

happy halloween everyone!