Sunday, October 19, 2014

october hello

well i have neglected this space terribly through summer and here we are well into october!
life is good, and full, and busy.
we moved.
we settled in.
we soaked up as much summer as possible.
a girl i love cut 9 inches of her hair off and donated it.
a boy i love played a fall season of soccer where he really bloomed into a good scorer this year. (having only scored one goal all last year)
school is in full swing and they are both doing amazing (3rd and 5th graders!!!)
that soccer playing boy, picked up the trumpet and is giving it a try.
making me i am a soccer momma and band momma.  :)
we are busy readying up for winter.  ordered and stacked 3 cords of wood.  this is a new life skill for us having never had a wood stove before now. we are excited to see how well we do this winter with it.  learning curve!
i've been making a lot more crock pot meals lately, they seem to suit the colder weather.
we have yet to fit in our annual apple picking trip. and we have a porch full of pumpkins waiting to be carved. halloween is fast approaching too! i better finish up those costumes.
busy gathering leaves, bittersweet and chestnuts.
taking walks and leaf peeping drives.
getting outside as much as possible before winter gear is required...

some recent photos:

 pre haircut

 after   :)
 happy october everyone.

Monday, July 28, 2014

summer nights

end of july is creeping ever so near, yet it feels like summer has only just arrived. oh summer please slow down. we just saw far away family off today after a few days visit. so nice to share our new home with them. i spent the day stripping beds, cleaning, and rearranging our space back to just us 4. the rains fell hard early, then gave way to clearer skies this afternoon.  we had a simple dinner of blt sandwiches (SO good), then packed a basket of books, beach toys, cameras, and 2 travel mugs of coffee and headed to the beach.  evenings at the beach are an entirely different thing. the sand is wide open. dogs are there. usually a kite flier or 2. many couples walking hand in hand. it's quieter, feels more private and intimate. i love that time. i need to remember to do this so much more.we made it home just in time, as the rain arrived once more.

are you reading this summer? my husband found me the book in my hands above, that i have been seeking unsuccessfully at our local libraries, The Summer Book by Tove Jansson.  so excited to dive in. i'm also finishing up the Plainsong trilogy by Kent Haruf and then i have Delancey waiting in the wings. what are you reading?

happy july.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

salty sandy sweetness

baby blue skies
wispy clouds
chipped pink nailpolish
salty skin
sticky sweet watermelon slices

oh summer, we love you.

Monday, July 14, 2014


things we are loving about our new home
  • wildflowers
  • woods
  • awesome neighbors
  • resident chipmunk family, (all named of course) Summer, Chippy, Autumn & Spring
  • lots of birds, and a nest of robins we have our eye on
  • our home is on the end of a dead end street = NO car traffic = play play play all day long
  • family room fun
  • our own basketball hoop
  • a garage for the jeep! (no more wet seats)
  • sunlight, breezes and so much green
it's good to be home.

Thursday, July 03, 2014


june went zoom!
SO much happened here in june.
end of school activities for one 2nd grader and one 4th grader, full of field trips & art shows
then one very special dance recital for our irish stepper
all the while packing up our townhouse to prepare for our big move into a home of our very own. the first home we have owned in many years. big exciting (a bit stressful) good good stuff, all packed into those days of june.

so hello july!  PHEW
we welcome you.
we are all moved in, mostly unboxed even. enjoying discovering the light in our new space, the yard, fave nooks, etc.  settling in, feeling like ours already. i have some pretty pink roses (yay!), and  a crop of poison ivy (eek!) the yin and yang of home-ownership. 

now that the whirlwind of june is behind us i hope to fill july with as much sand, play, corn on the cob, strawberries, blueberries, salt water and ice pops and i can.
because summer is here!  and she is so very fleeting.

i haven't had much time to pick up my own camera these days, so here's some flickr love showing all the goodness of the summer i love so much. 

happy july everyone!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

first ever

tonight we loaded up all four bikes and hit the trail together.
our first official family bike ride ever.
i have been dreaming of this day.
excited to make this part of our routine as a family.
so proud of my girl who out pedaled us all tonight.
go casey go!!!!
june you are off to an amazing start!

Monday, June 02, 2014

hello june

june arrived on a sunday.  a gorgeous sunday.
unfortunately working in the restaurant, or most service jobs, means you work on weekends.
jason made good use of the weather and loaded up the bikes and took kellen and casey to the eastern trail to get casey's "bike legs" back.  she had just learned to ride a bike without training wheels at the end of last summer so she was rusty, but mostly rusty in her mind, fearing that she couldn't do it all over again. she was wrong.  we knew that, but convincing her is not always so easy.  she was up and riding in no time jason said.  her confidence grew so quickly he couldn't keep up with her on foot. i was sorry to miss that, but happy that she had such a good time and gained back that confidence she had forgotten about all winter.
when i did get home from work, we cooked burgers, corn on the cob and split a beer. the perfect summery meal in my opinion. then we packed up a blanket and headed to the beach hoping it wouldn't be too windy.  it wasn't. the sunset was getting that great summer gold color, we stripped off our shoes, cuffed our jeans and stuck our feet in the water. OMG cold!  like really really painfully cold. there was only one soul in the water, a brave surfer fully outfitted in a wetsuit.
it was the perfect day/night to welcome in the summer month.

hello june.
we love you.